01 August 2008

West Java

The enchanting land of Sunda stretches from the Sunda Strait in the West to the borders of Central Java in the east. The region is primarily mountainous, with rich green valleys hugging lofty volcanic peaks, many of which surround the capital of the province, Bandung. The history of West Java is a story of trade, spices, and the rise and fall of powerful kingdoms. In the late 1500’s the region was ruled from mighty Cirebon, which still survives as a sultanate today, although a shadow of its former glory. West Java was one of the first contact points in Indonesia for Indian traders and their cultural influences and it was here that the Dutch and British first set foot in the archipelago.

West Java Provincial Tourist Office Jl. R.E. Martadinata No.209, Bandung 40114 Phone. (022) 7271385, 7273209 Fax. (022) 7271385 Website: http://www.westjava-indonesia.com

- Domestic airlines serve to Bandung everyday. Buses from Central Java and Jakarta arrived in Leuwi Panjang. Several trains operate from Jakarta and Yogya to Bandung.
- Wayang Golek (Wooden Puppets Show) is performed every Saturday night from 1.00 pm to 5 am at Auditorium Jalan Diponegoro 61, Bandung.
- Kemilau Nusantara Festival is an annual event performed culture and crafts exhibition from all provinces in Indonesia.
- Paper Kites Festival, Pangandaran Beach West Java. Participants of the kite flying contest come from the surrounding regions as well as from foreign countries. Beautiful kites of all sizes and shapes are flown in a contest that coincides with festivities held on October 2008.
- During the harvest period in West Java. Folk Music and traditional dances are performed during the festival.

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